The final repair and reinforcement started in the morning. Sydney and Sakamoto were assigned to the job to patch cracks. Due to the fact that it has been only two days since the first firing on top of the summer heat, it was a hard task. It was fortunate that we could place a large electric fan to blow air into the kiln, which gave them some relief.
Me, Chris and Akai needed the whole day as the last spurt for our new art work.
Early evening Mr. Courtney arrived with lots of his own art works to be cooked in the kiln and he offered his effort to prepare the kiln. It was a surprise as we had no prior knowledge about it. I ended up having to redo the packing plan to a great extent. This was not the first time Chris ignored to advise us in advance, yet those who know him well consoled us by saying that he tends to keep things to himself. Perhaps such miscommunication comes from language barriers.