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Yukiko Akai
Yukiko Akai

Born in a rural area of Okayama, Yukiko Akai in her infancy was a child fond of nature, playing in the mountains and lakes. Attracted by the potteries created by baking process of such natural elements as fire, water and clay, she began a new career of Bizen ware seven years ago. Presently her work is focused on studying of the true past, for instance participating in excavation of medieval kilns, with a belief that such activity will eventually help create the basis for a new work of art ( a la cultivating the soil).

1986  Born in Seto, Okayama Higashi ward (formerly Akaiwa couty)
2008  Joined Bizen Pottery Center, Okayama Pref. Centr of Pottery Technology
Began study under Tadashi Hirakawa, Bizen Ware artist
2009  Completed Pottery Technology course, Okayama Pref. Center to Potter Technology
2010  Participated in the National Government assigned program to excavate Bizen area kiln sites in the Nanboku-cho period. Joined the second recreation of old kiln, the Tsuchigama Project. Permanent exhibition of work at the Sun Peach Okayama Hotel
2011  Participated in the National Government assigned program to excavate Bizen area kiln sites in the late Heian period
2012  Participated in the local ecological energy project, “Bizen ware born of Hinase oyster rafts”
Exhibited at the “Shinkoji Temple Art Project 2012”. Exhibited “100 colors by 100 artists-playing with objects” at Okayama Tenjinyama Culture Center 50th Anniversay
2013  Exhibited in ”Tea Ceremony with Pottery”, Yunogo Art Project, Hukumasutei inn
Exhibited “Tsuchigama” Bizen City Excavation Culture Center. Joined in the Kibi Tokushu Kidai reproduction project, worked on Tachizaka type Tokushukidai. Recreated large scale
Medieval kiln jointly with Bizen City Education Council, Bizen City Excavation Culture Management Center, and Bizen City Folk History Information Center.
2014  Published an article during the “Bizen History Forum 2013”; “Findings from the large pot creation, observation, hypothesis, recreation”