Tsuchigama Project in Arkansas, U.S.A.

Tsuchigama as Art

 The project being carried out jointly by Tadashi Hirakawa, Bizen pottery artist and Chris Powell, an American contemporary artist, to build a Tsuchigama in Arkansas using all local material and to create pottery artworks. When completed the team plans to hold exhibitions and symposiums in Japan and the U.S.

In the team’s eyesight

Chris Powell, a fine artist, teaches at TCU, Texas Christian Univ., mainly pursues three dimensional objects. He was strongly inspired at his early age by potteries made by native Americans.

In search of a kiln to recreate the beauty of the pottery texture by American Indians, Chris extensively surfed the net and happened to find a report by Hirakawa. He acted quickly to visit Hirakawa atelier in Japan and was immediately convinced that his mission is to build a Tsuchigama in Arakansas. Thus the project took off.

Hirakawa was never satisfied simply as one of Japan’s traditional craftsmen to pass on established craftsmanship to future generations. He believed that his mission is to present the world that just like the earth presented us humans the beauty of nature, we the humans should prove the beauty of the earth, the ultimate material.

Cris Powell

A primitive approach trailblazing in the art of pottery

The concept of baking earth with earth should take us all up one level higher in the art of pottery. The project wishes the readers and viewers to recognize the true meaning of art. Thousands of miles and kilometers apart, the two artists and their teams are challenging the ecological task of bringing the past and the future together for mankind.