Empty baking is continuing. I was particularly concerned for deep cracks that were repaired. Frequently checking such repairs walking around the kiln many times, as the temperature began to rise so did our tension. So far there is no sign of abnormal condition and I have to give a passing grade for our project to reconstruct Japanese middle age kiln with Arkansas clay. It was a busy day as I walked back and forth between the site where the team is taking turns to bake the kiln to make sure the temperature control is being followed and the atelier where I work for new potteries.
The atelier and the kiln are about 100 meters apart on a hill side. Whole day was spent for creation of new art and empty baking of the kiln, walking the hill up and down for seven or eight times. Yet, no way I can let down the effort as only successful baking insures completion of making the usable kiln.