At dawn, Sydney, a TCU intern, who is on night shift woke me up to hurry to the kiln site. She told me that a while earlier the bamboo structure forming the arch in the middle of the kiln caught fire, the conflagration immediately spread in the entire middle section, causing the temperature to climb and smoke oozed out of the kiln end. I explained her that the great amount of smoke was a proof that burning of the bamboo sticks resulted in temperature returning to the kiln firming level. She appeared to be relieved and continued to feed fuel. The temperature is now around 380 degrees.Saka_7_22_01
Later in the morning, I took over the fuel feeding. The temperature is rising smoothly. This type of kiln is truly efficient and I can not but appreciate the Bizen ware trail blazers for the kiln ideas.
The progress owes to the fact that kiln floor was precisely made following learning we gained in dep extensive research by Akai and myself.

The temperature stopped rising at lunchtime, but it was quickly fixed. Chris kept splitting the wood nearby so that we can continue the work without slow downs. At 9 pm the temperature reached the target level and we killed the fire. Finishing the clay coating by 10 pm empty baking process was fully completed. We were drenched with sweat due to the kiln heat and Arkansas summer heat. T -shirts and jeans are filthy with sweat and dirt. But my anxiety grew which grew in me when I first touched the American clan evaporated. In spite of my angst the kiln is now lying there still and solid. I was speechless with the feeling of accomplishment and spent the rest of the night in peace. Akai who spent many years working hard with me in Bizen must be feeling the same.