The joy and excitement after the completion of the empty bake without a hitch was brief. This day was hectic in the creative artwork for me as well as for Chris and all the rest of the team. Walking down to the kiln to check the condition and standing alone by the kiln, I had a strange illusion that I was back in Bizen by the kiln that had been there for ages. Work continued till one thirty in the morning.

American summer savings time means nothing for us all day and we totally neglected siesta time, hottest time of the day, that is from about one thirty till dusk. I reckon we have to maintain such attitude to finish the project, to build the kiln, create art objects, followed by symposiums and gallery exhibitions, all in just three months. Nevertheless we do try having sufficient sleep, meals and short rests between works. By all means it is great that local people around us never hesitate to offer help.