Two days after the empty bake. Tomorrow we open the kiln for interior inspection and adding the final reinforcement. Creative work is also at the last stage (had we had plenty of time, we would have finished by now). We are all focusing on our creative artwork, not even chatting.
Chris drove me and Akai to Hot Springs, leaving other members on site. The location is a little more than two hours from the ranch. Our objective was to take back soil samples back from the Ouachita Mountains area, which is believed to be 290 to 500 millions years old.
We simply want to really know the Arkansas soil as much in detail as possible. Hiking around Ouachita Mountains we took several samples and it was past 11 p.m. by the time we returned to the kiln. The cooperation by Chris is invaluable as he himself is loaded with task of his own creative work, plus collecting fuels and splitting firewood.