First thing in the morning, every one put the finishing touch on his or her work and all pitched in to fill the kiln. We hang a shelf right in front of the first fire and placed some art works. By shortly after lunch time the second chamber was completed and we moved on to the number one. Rick came to observe the kiln stuffing, but I let Chris to help him and I myself focused on placing the art works in the kiln.
Akai had to complete some of her art works using the sample soil from the Hot Springs in spite of her own need to recover from the accident whiplash, and she needs to slow down her pace. She finished her job as a substitute and advisor and the rest of us are doing the hard labor work. By mid evening the filling of the first chamber was nearly completed, took some time off to eat supper, and called it a day after filling 70% of the works for the Udo shelf. Yet, final work continued on each of our own creative work.

While we plan to fire the kiln for the very first time with potteries, we did not make large items as there exists no time or equipment to dry, however Chris, Sydney and Courtney do not seem to see lack of sufficient drying as critical and are continuing their work for new items, driving both myself and Akai against the wall.