A head ache on site was to enter in the kiln to figure out how to arrange heavy looking art works that keep coming from the American team. As I struggled to place new items on the Udo (very front chamber) shelf, removing those we put in yesterday to make room for the new art works, Henry Moy and his party arrived. He is the head of the Red River Museum who is scheduled to speak at the symposium. He is highly interested in the old Bizen kilns. He has been visiting us on and off to watch the progress. I do appreciate his interest and participation. The number of new works is way beyond our expectation and the kiln will surely fill up to the rim, making me worry if we could even start empty bake. We put the lids on and finally at 2.30 we set the fire on, two hours later than we initially planed. A bowl of salt and Sake were offered to the gods of land and heaven as well as trees and all the living things, praying for a success. Timely enough Rocky and his wife Kazuko brought some jugs of ice tea to our late lunch table with Moy group. We then moved the chairs under the shade of trees for a short siesta.
All the while, the kiln is cooking. Rocky presented us a portable laser thermometer. I am really thankful for his warm though.