At 9 p.m. Sydney took over the empty baking task from Sakamoto and kept watch till 9 a.m. This rotation change was made on Sydney’s request as she has difficulty with the day time turn because of the heat. As I checked how she was doing in the morning, she was sweating hard but was OK. I was pleased to find the temperature has risen to the expected level, probably due to a good result from the empty baking.


Just before 9 a.m. Sakamoto started her duty and we agreed to raise the temperature by 10 – 15 °C per hour, with a little coaching Sakamoto was now effectively controlling the temperature. Before noon Courtney joined us. He also seems to be confident at temperature control. It is really no wonder he is good at it, because he himself is using wood at his own kiln.

The temperature is rising well as planed. Akai, as the veteran lead advisor, appeared to be satisfied with the status. But real work is yet to come. I plan to go on with great caution. In fact I have been tense as I have not yet grasped the full character of the brand new kiln, stuffed with full of art works. Since early evening Chris and Courtney are busy splitting the wood so that we will be able to keep the fire non stop. The kiln site is sitting still under blue light from the near full moon.