At dawn as I took over the firing watch from Tadashi, the temperature had smoothly climbed to 800 degrees. At this point, I was satisfied with the kiln performance and we will now step forward to an unknown world to find how the kiln will function at higher temperature than the empty baking. For a while I let students keep a watch, but I was speechless when I returned from lunch break. The firebox opening was stuffed with cinders. Checking from the top, the cinders were piled up and the temperature dropped 60 degrees. After about three hours of frantic effort to reduce cinder, the temperature gradually began to rise (it is really critical to continue the fire as the time allowed to for the task is only until Saturday night). Sigh of relief and I drained a whole bottle full of water, trying to dry the body sweat in the air from the fan running at full strength.

Outside temperature ia at 37 degrees. Akai taking over, I now can rest. I was worried about the cracks might have weakened the kiln body, but so far it is moving ahead without any sign of weakening.